Saturday, December 27, 2008

Two Painted Pups and a Partridge in a Pear Tree…

Just a quick post to reveal a project I've been working on. Meet Nemo and Bailey, two sweet pups that belong to Michael's grandmother and mother. I've been in a bit of a painting mood lately, and so this darling pair were made for their Christmas presents. (and they were a big hit!)
Nemo Dog painting by Lani Mathis
Bailey Dog painting by Lani Mathis Nemo and Bailey Dog paintings by Lani Mathsi
I'll admit that I was heavily influenced by Berkley, who is an amazing artist who specializes in clothed animals. I highly recommend you check out his shop here. Keep a lookout for more paintings in the new year. I hope to move more in that direction, incorporating found objects as makeshift canvases (not clothed animals I'm afraid. I'll leave that to Berkley). Let me know what paintings you'd like to see by leaving a comment below. As you can see from the great void on the left, we're taking a break from the shop until Jan. 5th for some much needed r&r.
We hope everyone is having a happy and restful holiday.
Peace out :)



hi, love your black and white drawings.....

Paper Girl Productions said...

so unique!

equivoque said...

Such a cute blog!

Greetings by way of Etsy.

sophiassweetspot said...

ha! how adorable! good job.

The Little Illustrator said...

cuuuute-but you know that already!
BTW-I loved that link you sent me!!!


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