Saturday, April 3, 2010

New Adventures for 2010

It's been a while since my late post. They seem to keep getting further and further apart. The company that I'm now a partner in has been working mostly in stealth mode, which means I haven't been at liberty to show much of my work. Now however, we're getting closer to launch and have started some promotion, so I feel it's time to open up. The name of the game is eVille, a digital card game to be initially released for iPhone, but of course, we hope to carry it to other platforms as well. I'm currently responsible for UI and a good chunk of the illustration work, which I share with two other artists. For SXSW, we released a limited edition Armazilla card concepted by Jason English and illustrated by yours truly which you can see above. A facebook fan page has also been started where I'll be showing sneak peeks of new card art, UI, and game mechanics. Please fan the page if you'd like to stay updated. It should be a pretty fun ride :)

eVille fan page

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