Friday, June 20, 2008

Sculpture In Motion

We went to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens last Sunday. This summer they are hosting an exhibit featuring an array of fabulous kinetic sculptures nestled amongst the foliage. Michael and I were particularly excited about this visit. We love kinetic and especially interactive art, so this was right up our alley. While it was very cool and certain pieces were truly breathtaking (see the videos above and below), I felt about 50/50 in the exhibit overall. One of the pieces we had seen online that we were super jazzed about wasn't actually running (the only one that required power), and several of the sculptures that were used indoors weren't very effective since they needed wind to make them move. I don't mean to sound harsh, and I will reiterate that the pieces that were great- were really, really great. It also would have helped if we had gone on a more windy day. That kind of plays an important role in this whole thing, ya know? Check out some more pictures of the exhibit on the Atlanta Botanical web site.
If you haven't been to the gardens and you happen to be in the Atlanta area, we highly recommend a visit no matter what exhibit is currently running. The children's garden is delightful for both the young and the old with drum like boxes to play with and a real honey bee colony to watch. The Tropical Rotunda inside the conservatory is like entering a jungle with roots dangling from the canopy and fronds gently leaning over the pathways. Go on a cool day if possible, but definitely go. It is one of our favorite spots in the city and a really inexpensive way to soak up some inspiring art and natural beauty.

(they begin moving when you make noise, such as clapping)

Monday, June 9, 2008

I'm Just a Pile of Bits and Pieces

Recycled Bottle Cap Bracelet Jewelry by Lani Mathis and Michael Ayers of GreenSpaceGoodsI've collected myself along the way. A scrap of this. A corner of that. I'm all odds and ends. My spirit has been built from a thousand souls that cling to specks of glitter and dust. My heart is made from rubber bands and cracked marbles. So that's where they all went… My head is all stacks of gears and cogs. I exhale tears that splash on the paper and swirl the ink like ballet dancers twirling, twirling. My nose twitches up and down like a mouse when I speak, and my words pitter-patter through the air. I wish that I could play piano. If I could, I'd entertain all of the ghosts and shadows, but especially the spider at the foot of the stairs. I like her, which is unfortunate.

I have a cold today, hence the melodrama…oops, I mean poetry.

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