Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Let It Begin!

Yes, the title is stolen from the movie Bolt. If you haven't been yet, go see it. Seriously.

Gosh! We've been so swamped with the holiday whirlwind that I haven't written in almost a month! Today I'm sharing some of our seasonal finds that have helped supply us with warmth in our drafty little place, even if it be the proverbial warmth not found spatting from our space heater. Above you'll see our little tree. This adorable addition is actually smartly sculpted rosemary, an apartment (and eco) friendly alternative to both cut and artificial trees. The fresh scent is guaranteed to lift your winter worn spirit perhaps even better than the more traditional spruce and a few snipped sprigs can be added to season or garish your holiday meal.
Of course, if you have ornaments that are too large for a table top tree, we recommend displaying them elsewhere. Ours are hung on a pot rack (which was rescued from a yard sale).

My favorite ornaments this year are our little alphabet block house by ArtByHeather and our bunny rabbit tags (used as ornaments) by BelleAndBoo. If you're looking for something unique and nostalgic, you should definitely check out their shops.

Hopefully we'll be back to blogging soon with some more neat things we've been up to. There are a few crafty gifts that will have to wait until after Christmas for us to show, but stay tuned for our ginger bread house post. We promise that we've assembled something special this year :) Last, but not least, please give a big round of applause to Michael who finally sewed the bells on his stocking (on the left, below). It's been waiting a whole year for them! If we don't squeeze in another post before Christmas, we wish you all warmth, safety, and mental stability as you go forth into this consumerist wonderland and we suggest you repeat three questions in your mind while gift hunting: Do they actually want it? Do they actually need it? Should it actually cost this?
Peace out.

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julie said...

I love your tree! I need to get one like that for my apartment next year!


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