Monday, November 26, 2007

Peter Alsen- A Ceramic Circus

We've been following Mr. Alsen for a while (I swear we aren't stalkers... really.), but we've never committed to purchasing one of his amazing pieces until now. About three years ago, Michael and I found these whimsical characters at Art On Broad, a fantastic little gallery in downtown Augusta, GA. Being rather broke at the time, we knew they would have to stay there. We have visited them often over the years, always hopeful that the right piece and the right price might coincide. This weekend we found one.
From the top down- meet Maurice, Rudy, Harriet, and Eugene (we name just about everything around here), a wonderful menagerie to make you smile. We think of art pieces as friends and who couldn't use four more? There is something joyful in Mr. Alsen's ceramics that warms your heart, and we are very happy to have one in our home.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Speedy McBubbles Ink Blot Illustration

Ink Blot illustration of a snail named Speedy McBubbles in black ink on white paper.Meet Speedy McBubbles. We know it kinda sounds like a drag queen name, but look at him! This little ink blot snail came to visit us in the coffee house the other day, so we invited him to stick around. He's full of sass and ready to race! Speedy is our smallest ink blot to date. We hope you enjoy him. :)

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Eco-Karma: Recycled Dragons are Reincarnated

A dragon domino makes a nice pendantWe're sure if this dragon could talk, he'd have a great story to tell. We don't know what misadventures brought him to the delivery bay behind our favorite bike shop, but that's where we found him. He had a few friends too. There were three dominoes total along with an array of other odd items that didn't really belong back there, so we've given them a new life. We've carefully brought out the dragon's design with a little silver paint and lovingly strung him on a leather cord to wear as a pendant. Hopefully someone else will like him as much as we do. :)
See him on Etsy here or Visit GreenSpaceGoods on Etsy

Friday, November 2, 2007

Klockwerks - timepieces with recycled souls

Roger Wood is an amazing artist from Toronto where he is creating some of the most memorable and whimsical clocks you'll ever find. A symphony of flea market finds adorn his unusual pieces, saluting the history of a bygone era and all of its many bits and pieces. Ironically timeless, these playful clocks bubble with personality and take you back to your childhood fantasies. They are a testimony to those who believe in magic, though it be in the hands and imagination of Mr. Wood. You can find his other "werks" at where he also offers an email newsletter. I've been a reader for some time, and believe me, it is often the highlight of my day.

I hope everyone is doing well, and getting ready for a great weekend :)


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