Monday, March 24, 2008

One Hot Blot

Ink Blot Domino Pendant Black and White drawing by GreenSpaceGoodsThis is one of my current favorites in the shop. One of these days I'll perfect my hotrod flames, but in the meantime, I'm pleased with the way this blot turned out. You can also see it in our shop here. Hopefully, we can get some full sized blots framed and show them off soon. Robo Chicken is on display at Vintage 965 where he is strutting his stuff right up front!

In other news, we just sold these babies:
Recycled handle bar grip earrings by GreenSpaceGoodsThese were carefully sliced from a salvaged bicycle handle grip. We coated them with some poly to help make them more durable. I think they have a lovely shape. Feel free to leave us a few comments and opinions on them. We're still trying to decide if we want to make more. Peace out people and have a great week!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Jewelry Displays for the Crafty!

For our last arts and crafts event, we needed to bring some displays. Some will remember our shower caddy display we made a while back. Well, it served us well for earrings for a while, but now with so many to hold, it is a bit difficult to search through. A quick rummage through the garage produced this fine earring display:

Recycled spice rack converted into an earring jewelry display by GreenSpaceGoodsIt used to be a pretty rockin' spice rack, and it holds several pairs of earrings nicely. I highly recommend it. Don't worry, the shower caddy bin is still around being repurposed for bracelets:

Recycled shower caddy converted into a bracelet jewelry display by GreenSpaceGoodsBest of all is this awesome pendant display that Michael made. The pendants are suspended from glass coke bottles that have been firmly secured to a wooden post. Ideally the post would have been reclaimed (grrrr) but we didn't have one handy and we ran out of "junk hunting" time. It was surprisingly easy, inexpensive, and lots of fun for buyers to play with:
Recycled glass bottles converted into a pendant and necklace jewelry display by GreenSpaceGoodsSo if you need a display, don't head for the store, head for your closet! You probably have most supplies hiding in your own house to make something yourself. :)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Offline Marketing with A Cup of Joe

Ink Blot recycled domino illustrated pendants by GreenSpaceGoodsWe're all trying to find more ways of marketing and it seems like the more time we spend updating this profile or promoting in that forum the less we actually do what we do best- create! So today we have a great tip that has served us well: take your craft mobile. No, I'm not talking about making iPhone cozies with your embroidered logo. (although it's not a bad idea!) I mean get out of the house and craft somewhere public. We regularly try to set up shop in our local coffee house putting together earrings and drawing blots. We usually drum up some interest and always have some cards handy. This week, we met a lovely buyer and are now a few items lighter because of it. Of course not everyone can lug their supplies all over town, but even if you can only take a part of it, like sewing on buttons, or attaching findings- try it! Think of all those musicians playing outdoors with their cases open wouldn't be making a dime sitting at home playing for themselves.

And don't forget to check out some of the new domino Ink Blots! Go ahead- break my heart and buy one. I dare you :)

Monday, March 10, 2008

Introducing A Brighter Blot

Ink Blot recycled gift card pendant hand drawn by GreenSpaceGoodsWe got back from Augusta last night, so now we can talk about some new things we're working on. The domino bin is running rather low, so we've started thinking about other things we can blot. A few local baristas happily chipped in and started saving up used gift cards for us that would otherwise be tossed in the trash. They make an awesome backdrop for our swirls and eye balls! We'll be slowly putting them out this week, so look for them next to our domino Ink Blots.

As for the Augusta event, we had a blast! Thanks very much to Vintage 965 for having us!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Catch You on the Flip Side

So we're working on last minute details for our trip to Augusta. Of course, we're never as prepared as we'd like to be, and we never finish as many items as we'd like, but too bad! We'll go and have a great time as we are. The shop will be closed on Friday since all of our items will be going with us. Look for the reopening and some great new listings either Sat. or Sun.

We'll now leave you with our newest Ink Blot friend- "Robo Chicken". Like an overgrown garden that someone forgot to tend, Robo Chicken is a little twisted and warped. He has ropes and pulleys, eyes and teeth, spiders in his brain and fish in his throat. The vines have grown around him or rather become part of him. Our submission for Illustration Friday "garden". Enjoy :)

Adult Swim- Eat your heart out.


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