Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Trial Run with BioBags

BioBag biodegradable kitchen garbage bags If you are not familiar with the BioBags, they produce biodegradable bags in various sizes made from corn. It's a great idea in theory. Inside a plastic bag, garbage doesn't have access to the microorganisms needed to break down quickly, not to mention how much plastic those bags are piling into our landfills. Here come BioBags, 100% biodegradable so you can feel good about putting less plastic in the landfill and you know that anything biodegradable in your trash will be turning back into soil much faster. Great right? Well, yes. Unfortunately there are some shortcomings that I think BioBag is going to have to work through before most consumers would consider the switch.

1. They are expensive- VERY expensive. We decided to try them under the condition that we wouldn't put anything large that could be carried separately in them so the box would last longer.

2. Once full, bundling them up to go to take them out is a bit more difficult than we expected. There are no fancy handles to tie together, and no twisty ties in the box. Hmmm.... So we tie and wrestle the bag as best we can down to the trash bin. It isn't exactly an easy or enjoyable experience.

3. Their biggest flaw is also their biggest selling point- being biodegradable. Since we could be considered eco-junkies and we recycle so much of what comes into our apartment, we only take out about one bag of trash every 2-3 weeks. That means that if anything damp gets in that bag (as it did this week) there is a good chance of the entire bottom disintegrating before we're quite ready for it to. The result is a really nasty mess and an expensive wasted bag.

These things considered, we still really like the idea of BioBags. It especially makes sense for those with a yard for a compost pile and a house where trash only has to be put out to the street. In an apartment, it's just very difficult. Without making some changes to meet the competition, I can't see BioBags becoming a real player in the consumer market and I wish they were. A diverse competitive market means better products for everyone and hopefully better products for the planet as companies try to jump on the eco-trend that is currently captivating consumers. Our dream trash bag: Hefty with drawstring+ BioBags.


Contrariwise said...

Our house has a trash compactor. You can either buy plastic or paper bags. I always buy the paper because I feel that it is better environmentally.

MichellesCharmWorld said...

Thanks for the review!!!

Diana said...

If you are taking out the trash that infrequent you may want to switch sizes. I know quite a few folks who take out the trash every day. Do the BioBags come in smaller sizes?

GreenSpaceGoods said...

That's a good point. I know you can get them larger, but hmmm...not sure about smaller. I'll try to find out :)


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