Thursday, February 14, 2008

Do You Think God has a Weather Wheel?

This is my submission for Illustration Friday "choose". After the weather we've had this week, I'm convinced that God just spins the dial and goes, "Well that's going to be weird, but ok!". Let's see- Tuesday it's nearly 70 degrees and fine. Wednesday it looks like flurries. Hello???

The illustration is really all about the icons. I'm working on them for another (much more complete) mystery project :) The rest is just a quick layout to display them.

On another note, Michael just finished taking a bunch of pictures, so hopefully we can clue everyone in on some other fun things coming up soon.


Richard Cardona said...

Nicely done. I'm also certain this is how the weather people on T.V. tell what's going to happen.

elizabeth said...

These are really nice! I like the subtle sunshine one the best, I think.

And you're right about the nutty weather. A wheel like this is all that makes sense!

MGoodell said...

I like that idea! That would explain the coats and mittens one day and the tank top the next. :)

Weirdbuglady said...

I like the wheel! Great concept and drawings.

BeckyKay said...

That's totally funny! And, yes, I'm pretty sure God has a sense of humor when it comes to weather! LOL!


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