Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Offline Marketing with A Cup of Joe

Ink Blot recycled domino illustrated pendants by GreenSpaceGoodsWe're all trying to find more ways of marketing and it seems like the more time we spend updating this profile or promoting in that forum the less we actually do what we do best- create! So today we have a great tip that has served us well: take your craft mobile. No, I'm not talking about making iPhone cozies with your embroidered logo. (although it's not a bad idea!) I mean get out of the house and craft somewhere public. We regularly try to set up shop in our local coffee house putting together earrings and drawing blots. We usually drum up some interest and always have some cards handy. This week, we met a lovely buyer and are now a few items lighter because of it. Of course not everyone can lug their supplies all over town, but even if you can only take a part of it, like sewing on buttons, or attaching findings- try it! Think of all those musicians playing outdoors with their cases open wouldn't be making a dime sitting at home playing for themselves.

And don't forget to check out some of the new domino Ink Blots! Go ahead- break my heart and buy one. I dare you :)


VioletsVintage said...

That is a great idea, thank you!

Chucka Stone Designs said...

What a great tip! I will have to think about bringing stuff to make sample boards at the park this spring :)

Anonymous said...

I love what you just wrote! I've often thought about driving out to City Park here in New Orleans with my things, and just enjoying the natural surroundings while I work on my things. I just never get around to it. I have to say you do lovely work!

Amanda said...

Love the domino inkblots...great job.

TheresaJ said...

What a great idea!!! I just may give that a try!

- TheresaJ :)

elisebeth said...

Yes, that is a good idea. Good thing that I'm obsessed with crocheting right now - that transports rather easily. :)

Melissa said...

That's great advice! I can't wait until the weather is a bit warmer and can get out more with the kids.

Your dominoes are great!



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