Thursday, December 20, 2007

Eco-Bow of Death: Merry Christmas.

recycled bottle cap Christmas bowWe sincerely hope that Michael's little sister will be smart and carefully remove this from her present instead of slicing her hand to pieces. We really are optimistic that she won't lose a finger tip permanently. (doctors are great at reattaching things now) Mostly, we are confident that she is up to date on her Tetanus shots... Ok. So maybe we're taking this whole "recycled" thing a bit far, but isn't it totally awesome? Michael spent way too much perfectly good time carefully constructing this little bottle cap saw blade torture trap of doom. But admit it- it is super cool. We'll stick to can bows from now on. They're safer.

recycled bottle cap Christmas bowBe safe this holiday season :)


Chucka Stone Designs said...

"little bottle cap saw blade torture trap of doom"

LOL! You two are so creatively crafty I can't stand it!

Field Notes said...

I love that! I'm a recycler too ;)
Just did a post on dressing up used food containers.

DAMdesigns said...

LOL what a cute idea! It looks great! I wish I had patients to wrap. I did recycle though, all I did was take all the envelopes and stuff I accumulated in the mail, stick the prezzies in them, and tape. LOL.

oddist said...

I LOVE the eco friendly star of death.You have been bookmarked!


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