Monday, November 26, 2007

Peter Alsen- A Ceramic Circus

We've been following Mr. Alsen for a while (I swear we aren't stalkers... really.), but we've never committed to purchasing one of his amazing pieces until now. About three years ago, Michael and I found these whimsical characters at Art On Broad, a fantastic little gallery in downtown Augusta, GA. Being rather broke at the time, we knew they would have to stay there. We have visited them often over the years, always hopeful that the right piece and the right price might coincide. This weekend we found one.
From the top down- meet Maurice, Rudy, Harriet, and Eugene (we name just about everything around here), a wonderful menagerie to make you smile. We think of art pieces as friends and who couldn't use four more? There is something joyful in Mr. Alsen's ceramics that warms your heart, and we are very happy to have one in our home.


AlicePleasance said...

So nice!

Nicole said...

i love that feeling when a dream and a reality finally collide, and what a wonderful meeting--your four new friends are charming!

just stopped by to wish you a joyous holiday season. i recently listed a free calendar download on my blog if you're interested in checking it out!

About GreenSpaceGoods said...

Thanks. We feel the same :)

Edna said...

I just received a puffin from my niece, a friend of the potter. I love him. He is going to New Zealand to live in our house there. Hopefully, the family will grow.

Auntie Kiwi

GreenSpaceGoods said...

Auntie Kiwi-
So wonderful to hear! I believe Mr. Alsen is living in Portland Oregon now, so it's been some time since we've seen any of his work. I'm sure your new little puffin will be very happy in New Zealand. I hear it is beautiful there. I've always dreamt of a visit.


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