Sunday, November 4, 2007

Eco-Karma: Recycled Dragons are Reincarnated

A dragon domino makes a nice pendantWe're sure if this dragon could talk, he'd have a great story to tell. We don't know what misadventures brought him to the delivery bay behind our favorite bike shop, but that's where we found him. He had a few friends too. There were three dominoes total along with an array of other odd items that didn't really belong back there, so we've given them a new life. We've carefully brought out the dragon's design with a little silver paint and lovingly strung him on a leather cord to wear as a pendant. Hopefully someone else will like him as much as we do. :)
See him on Etsy here or Visit GreenSpaceGoods on Etsy

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Field Notes said...

That *is* neat :)

recycledideas @ etsy


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