Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Holy Snickers! We have a couch!

Here in GreenSpace, we tend to reuse just about everything and believe me- it shows. Nearly every piece of furniture in the house has come to us from good friends, good family, or Goodwill. So when our dear friend mentioned that she wished she could take our couch home we went, "hmmmmm. ok". I am happy to say our old couch is now on its 4th owner (it's had a pretty good life) which made us not feel so bad about cracking open the piggy bank to get this beautiful plush bucket of yumminess. We've been sitting on the floor for weeks and it just arrived today! Here is the tag cutting ceremony:

Alas- either no more art in the living room, or I need a really big drop cloth! Sorry it isn't terribly art related, but I was too excited not to share!


julie said...

Yah! You got your new couch! Now I don't feel so bad for taking your old one with me to Chicago. It looks perfect in your living room with the red. :)

GreenSpaceGoods said...

Julie!!!! I miss you so! Yeah. I almost hugged the delivery guy!

julie said...

Yup, I found your blog when I was looking at your etsy store (love the fortune cookie earrings btw) so I used it as an excuse to make a gmail account. :)p

It is sooo nice to see the couch in its place... especially since I can't see it in person yet. You could use some of that canvas roll as a temporary drop cloth if you still want to work in there.

I miss you, too! The word is that we are moving in to the new office next week, so next weekend I'll be driving down. :)

LemonCadet said...

I really like it!


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