Sunday, August 19, 2007

Ink Blot on a Domino

Here's the latest creative outlet for us. I guess you could call it a mashup between our Ink Blot drawings and tiki dominoes. The process is similar to that of the Ink Blots. We'll pass the domino back and forth adding shapes as we go. At some point, the piece speaks to us and we know that it is complete. It's really quite fun to begin a piece without any direction or idea in mind and watch what emerges over time.

That gives me an idea, we'll have to take photos of a work in progress and edit them together into a time lapse style video. It'd be fun to see a drawing ebb and flow to completion.
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Donna said...

I love that idea! And how fun to have something like that you can do together. Beautiful finished product, too!

Ginger said...

That is so cool! Seems like I came across this in the forums the other day, but didn't know the story behind it.

GreenSpaceGoods said...

Thanks donna and ginger. Yep we make the Ink Blot illustrations the same way. :)

Krazy Kate Designs said...

Very interesting and wonderful creative work!


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