Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Red Coat Prints!!!!

Finally! We have finally managed to turn The Red Coat into a beautiful 5x7 print! For a long time, the delicate stippling in the snow seemed impossible to reproduce, but now I've got it worked out! Only $9 in the shop. :).

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SRA said...

"The Red Coat" Simply.....a precious piece of art. When I first saw this blog posting...I immediately felt a connection to this little girl...don't we all. One would think seeing a little girl, alone in the snow, near a dark forest would make one feel frightened...but she's gleefully dancing. This is a wonderfully sweet peice which brought a lot of peace to my soul today. Thanks for sharing it! Amazing work! L.T. Schulte (AKA: Serial Room Arranger)


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