Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Doodle Off V.3!!!!

Doodle Off BannerI've entered the Doodle Off V.3 and I'm super excited!! I'll be blogging about it here as it moves forward. The competition officially starts May 1st and you can check out all of the doodle action here. We've started writing our introductory posts. Here is mine:

Pencil Drawing Self Portrait by Lani Mathis of GreenSpaceGoods
Nice ta meech ya!
I'm Lani. My official business card title is "Pixel Wrangler" but I'm just an all around crafty gal. My other internet persona is GreenSpaceGoods. Most of my doodling ends up in the Ink Blot Collection, an artistic venture between Michael Ayers and I. This will be some of my first public solo doodlage.

Atlanta, GA

No clue! I guess finding those lost little bits of time and putting them to good use. Also doodling up large sheets of paper so I can scan or photograph several at once.

What I hope to gain:
Relaxation in my doodling. Most of my doodling is actually what I consider finished art, so I rarely take time for "just for the heck of it" doodling. I worry too much about perfection and need to break that habit.

Peace Out!

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