Sunday, March 22, 2009

Thank You SevenPly

We both admit to being classic procrastinators, so it's no surprise that we waited to the last minute to figure out what gift to give a certain special girl for her birthday. She's a skateboarding fashionista so after scouring the internet for accessory awesomness, it finally it hit us- a recycled skateboard pocket mirror! There's only one issue- finding one. After contacting several skateboard jewelry artists, we were finally rescued by SevenPly. I can only attempt to put into words how fantastic they are. Not only did they take on the challenge of making us a product they'd never attempted before, but they took it on as a rushed order as well. They kindly and professionally listened to every detail we requested, patiently bent to our every whim and even made multiples for us to choose from. The result is fabulous. I hope that they make many more of these. I wouldn't mind having one for myself! Please check out their shop here. And if you're reading this SevenPly- keep up the good work. You haven't seen the last of us :)


Bri said...

Wow those are super cool! What a nice idea for a friend!

Celeste Jean said...



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