Thursday, August 7, 2008

Robot With a Heart by Jenn Hayes

Sigh.... I bought this charming linoleum block print almost a year ago from Jenn Hayes, a very talented artist currently pursuing illustration. I've seen several very nice block prints, but this guy just stole my heart. (no pun intended :) He hangs proudly in our living room on an olive green wall which really makes the red in the heart stand out. Surprisingly, we found a fantastic frame for him a Michael's craft store. He's kind of an odd size, but they had a vertical frame meant for three photos that he felt right at home in. A custom framing job couldn't have been better. Please visit Jenn's shop to see some of her other awesome work here.


BeckyKay said...

That's wonderful!

Just_Jenn said...

I randomly type my name in Google to see... well I guess just to see (vanity and all!) and I came across your page!
And I'll tell you that I instantly burst into tears. In a GOOD way!
Thank you SO much!!
I'm SOOO very happy that you enjoy my work, that makes me so happy, and keeps me going! Folks like you are the reason I keep doing what I'm doing! You get a huge hug!

-Thank you so much!



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