Sunday, May 25, 2008

Rare Sightings of the Elusive Jackaloptopus!

Here we present the Jackaloptopus. You cannot possibly imagine what an honor it is to have witnessed this amazing creature in it's natural habitat. A twisted love story between a jack rabbit and an octopus brought science this logic defying animal, and yet it has conquered all odds surviving both on land and at sea. With no camera available at the time, I'm afraid we were only able to scribble this Ink Blot of the creature as it slithered and hopped along the shoreline, nibbling at whatever washed up on the deserted beach. You can see here how only five tentacles protrude from what appears to be a fluffy bunny tail! Unbelievable. It remains unclear if a sustainable population is in existence, but this sighting certainly brings us a renewed hope that these creatures can become more than a genetic whoops.

We watch too much Discovery Channel. Enjoy :)


Chucka Stone Designs said...

lol, it is very pretty!

CJ's Woodland Shed said...

I've been enjoying your blog this morning. Thanks for a fun and informative read.

Diana said...

What a lovely, fanciful illustration. It is balanced and full of movement. Great job!

DAMdesigns said...

Oh its so cute, in a weird cute way...if you know what I mean. Not a traditional cupcake cute, but so cute. Love it




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